Effectiveness as a mouth rinse

Laboratory testing showed 80 ppm ClO2 destroyed SARS-CoV-19 in 10 seconds , and a sodium chlorite (stabilized chlorine dioxide) mouth rinse destroyed up to 98.4% in 30 seconds in simulated saliva. 
Study 10 , Study 12

In small-scale study of 40 people with COVID-19, those using sodium chlorite (stabilized chlorine dioxide) mouth rinse showed more notable improvement in symptoms and recovery than those using chlorhexidine gluconate.
Study 11
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Some Concentration Levels
Commonly Used

Nasal rinse 40 ppm(w/w)
Mouthwash 60-100 ppm(w/w)

of "free" chlorine dioxide

*Concentrations listed are approximated based on collaboration coordinator's best awareness of various formulations and research studies. However, they may not necessarily be the appropriate levels for a particular Chlorine Dioxide product, unless they match directions on its label.

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