Hand Sanitizer

Chlorine dioxide's gentleness on the body and rapid anti-viral activity makes it highly effective as a hand sanitizer. Two products containing as little as 20-100 ppm "free" chlorine dioxide have been tested to be more than 90% effective against SARS-CoV-2 in less than 30 seconds.

Wound Care

Chlorine dioxide is remarkably effective in helping heal wounds that have persistent infection. It is able to penetrate wound biofilms that otherwise prevent topical treatments from reaching bacteria.

Contact Lens Care

Contact lens solutions containing sodium chlorite or stabilized chlorine dioxide were first introduced around the 1990's. These gentle solutions disinfect lenses and then break down into the natural compunents of tears--water, salt and oxygen.

Concentration Levels


Different products' formulas may differ significantly. Unless directions on products' label match, concentrations that correct for using one product may not be appropriate for using a different product.

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