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Convenience can have surprising power against COVID-19.

Chlorine dioxide is a disinfecting compound that offers unique benefit for fighting the coronavirus pandemic. We can use it in exceptionally simple but effective ways to protect ourselves personally from COVID-19, and to make shared spaces and group events safer for others.

Chlorine dioxide rapidly destroys viruses and bacteria even when used in very low amounts. In addition to having effectiveness against an unusually broad range of pathogens, it is unique in that it has very mild impact on the human body. Therefore, it can be used right around and on people to immediately destroy germs that can be spread by breathing or touching.

Using low levels of chlorine dioxide as an air sanitizer around contagious people can help reduce the dangers of airborne coronaviruses, as well as many other types of germs. Surfaces can also be disinfected quickly and conveniently because spraying chlorine dioxide liquid solution leaves behind little more than a minor salt residue, so it doesn't need to be wiped away. At appropriate concentrations, it is safe to spray on almost anything, and is commonly used as a sanitizer (at low concentrations) in food and drinking water industries.

Through its broad versatility, we can disinfect air, skin, and objects throughout the day with almost no extra effort. Multi-purpose chlorine dioxide liquid can be used in simple spray bottles whenever and wherever we want to minimize contagion. In air where people get together. On our hands. On clothing we are wearing. On sinks and counters (with no rinse-off needed). On shared furniture. Around food. Throughout a sickroom.

Common spray bottles, personal size mist bottles and continuous-mist spray bottles can make it straightforward to deal with concerns immediately and routinely. With costs for some chlorine dioxide products less than USD $1 for 4 liters (~1 gallon) for versatile concentrations of chlorine dioxide disinfectant, it becomes very practical to keep a bottle handy within reach of the couch, on the bathroom counter, at the front of a classroom, at a work station or desk, at store checkout, and bedside. You can fit a travel-size spray bottle in your pocket to make your environment safer wherever you go.

Using low levels of chlorine dioxide in ultrasonic humidifiers is also a practical way to control contagion among people at events, in workplaces, schools and shared households. A rechargeable battery powered personal-size humidifier can be used portably when going to appointments. Another option is to use a simple aquarium air pump (USD ~$10) to aerate a bowl of chlorine dioxide solution at appropriate concentrations. The airborne disinfectant can destroy pathogens both in the air and on surfaces everywhere it settles.

Disinfection that is convenient enough to be routine gives us much greater ability to personally protect ourselves, as well as help create safer environments for everyone during the COVID-19 pandemic.

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